About us:

ECOPLAS has 20 years of in-house experience in the recycling industry. As a team of professionals, we have thorough operational and strategic experience. We understand the process and logistics involved in successful procurement and supply from start to finish, from producer to end-user.


We believe the key to success is providing excellence in the quality of products and service. We continuously strive to provide these qualities to our customers.

Supplier & customer:

We work closely with our providers across Europe to ensure the plastics we supply to our nominated processors are of the correct quality and are supplied to them on time.

Our core business is focussed on sourcing plastic scraps. However, we also have ongoing requirements for the paper.

Partner companies:

ECO PLAS has several partner companies that produce recycled pellets and products from the different grades of plastic scrap materials we source in Europe.

Taking this one stage further we can produce various types of plastic bags for the commercial and retail market the Europe and beyond. Contact us to discuss more how we can help meet your requirements.


we have full geographic coverage across Europe and our consultants are constantly travelling, to source the right materials for our clients.

We always welcome the opportunity to visit sites, meet our suppliers, and view materials for purchase.


We have an honest and professional approach to business, and we believe in building long-term working relationships with all of our suppliers and customers.